Superior Crew
not just another Crewing Company

Commando Crew was born from one simple aim: to deliver an end-to-end superior crewing service for our clients.

In 2014, we decided to come at the crewing game from a military standpoint. What do the military do well? Amongst many other things they do logistics and provide a highly trained and motivated force. This, in essence, is exactly what we do.

Whilst the crewing industry has moved away from spreadsheets, paper diaries and A-Z's, we still carry with us this simple embodiment of doing the fundamentals of crewing right: ensuring a superior crew turns up at the right time, at the right place and with the right attitude.

We remove all the friction from the recruiting, booking and scheduling of crew by using the latest in scheduling technologies, coupled with the knowhow of managing and deploying both small and large teams of techs & crew.

technology optimises efficiencies,
relationships breed trust

our services

Crew Ipad
client portal
Clients who set up an account have the option to email their CREW bookings in as well as book CREW through the 'Client Portal'.
Crew iMac and iPhone
crew web-app
The CREW web-app syncs your personal calendar with your CREW calendar, ensuring those annoying double entry days are a thing of the past...
Crew iPhone
All our CREW self-schedule themselves onto the jobs that are broadcasted on the system. This saves time and optimises efficiencies keeping operational costs down.
Crew Clock
24/hr service
We have a dedicated team of support for both clients and crew should anyone need assistance. We take care of the minutia leaving our CREW and clients to focus on the job at hand.
Management Crew Hands
freelance management
Clients can reduce their operation and save money by using us to manage their freelancers. We take on the management, payment and scheduling of their freelancers leaving them to focus on delivering for their clients!
Crew PayPal
crew 'wallet'
CREW can pay themselves the money they've worked for, the moment their money gets released into their CREW 'Wallet'. No more having to chase or wait up to 60 days for what is YOUR money!
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